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Report of the Town Shore Protection Board Meeting <br /> Held on October 27,2011 <br /> XII. PROPOSAL FROM JACOBS ENGINEERING GROUP, INC. FOR COMPLIANCE <br /> GUIDANCE FOR THE TOWN'S COASTAL MANAGEMENT PROGRAM [Peter B. <br /> Elwell, Town Manager] <br /> 1 <br /> 2 Town Manager Elwell stated that staff was recommending that Jacobs Engineering <br /> 3 Group be retained to assist in the administration of the Town's Coastal Management <br /> 4 Program. He gave the background for his recommendation. He explained that Jacobs <br /> 5 would provide a check and balance, advice, and review of the coastal program. He stated <br /> 6 that the cost would be $24,540, would not require Town Council approval, and would be <br /> 7 paid from the coastal fund. <br /> 8 <br /> 9 Motion was made by Board Member Frank, seconded by Board Member Goldstein, <br /> 10 and unanimously approved to approve the proposal from Jacobs Engineering <br /> 11 Group for compliance guidance for the Town's Coastal Management Program. <br /> 12 <br /> 13 Grant Funds — Town Manager Elwell assured the Board that money received from the State or <br /> 14 Federal government as grants to reimburse money spent on any of coastal projects had always <br /> 15 gone back into the coastal fund and would always go back into the coastal fund. He explained <br /> 16 that in order to be prudent about the Town's long term planning, no future assistance from the <br /> 17 State or Federal government had been included in the budget. He asked if money was received <br /> 18 from the state, should it be viewed as an opportunity to have more coastal work done because of <br /> 19 sacrifices made in the planning process, or should the money be viewed as an opportunity to <br /> 20 complete the entire program and have less impact on the taxpayers. He suggested that <br /> 21 circumstances were strained financially and it would be wise not to view the grant funds as <br /> 22 "found"money for a Plan B1. He reminded the Board that the coastal plan was a living, evolving <br /> 23 process and it would change over the years as decisions were made regarding the needs. Chair <br /> 24 Ecclestone asked that the Board be informed as funds are received and a running total be kept of <br /> 25 the amount. <br /> 26 <br /> 27 Bathrooms at Mid-Town — Board Member Cooper said he was in favor of putting bathrooms at <br /> 28 the Mid-Town Beach because it was the right thing to do. He said he believed that a citizen had <br /> 29 offered to pay for it. Town Manager Elwell gave facts regarding the issue. He stated that the <br /> 30 FDEP had advised the Mayor that they were currently reviewing rules including the obligation <br /> 31 for certain amounts of parking to be provided in relation to secondary beach accesses. He further <br /> 32 stated that the obligation for the seven spaces may be eliminated in the future without any further <br /> 33 action by the Town. He reported that the FDEP still strongly supports the concept of having <br /> 34 public restrooms at the Mid-Town Beach, and it would make the Mid-Town Beach a primary <br /> 35 beach access rather than a secondary beach access and, therefore, the Town would become <br /> 36 eligible for additional state funding if appropriations are made in the future. He further reported <br /> 37 that its November 8 meeting, the Town Council would give further consideration to restrooms at <br /> 38 the Mid-Town Beach. <br /> 39 <br /> 40 Vice Chair Lindsay Buck and Board Member Frank each spoke in support of the public <br /> 41 restrooms. <br /> 42 <br /> 10/27/11 Shore Protection Board Meeting,Page 13 of 14 <br /> 15 <br />