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the most recent Mid-Town grant agreement(06PB4). [Pending Florida Legislature] <br /> 3. Return payment of $373,000 to FDEP for State funding participation received from <br /> previous projects. This would reduce grant eligibility for future projects to approximately 69.6%. <br /> This includes an elimination of all parking spaces at Clarke Public Beach without the addition of <br /> restrooms. <br /> Result <br /> Initial Cost: $373,000 <br /> Future Cost: Based on SPB Current 10-Year Plan,in excess of$300,000 from the <br /> most recent Mid-Town grant agreement(06PB4). <br /> 4. Contest 25 space requirement and request settlement to adjust to 7 spaces. No bathrooms. <br /> This should keep the cost sharing percentages the same as existing conditions with the correction <br /> of classifying the Breakers shoreline as eligible due to 6213-36.002 (12), public lodging <br /> establishment. <br /> Result <br /> Unknown. Because the existing grant agreement has expired,FDEP staff has clearly <br /> informed Town staff that no amendments or changes can be made to this agreement. <br /> Any negotiated agreement would need to be performed through a settlement. Legal <br /> fees cannot be estimated at this time. <br /> On July 20,2011,the Town received a letter from FDEP Deputy Secretary Jeff Littlejohn. The letter <br /> (attached)expressed support for installation of public restrooms at Mid-Town Municipal Beach to <br /> both increase State funding eligibility and to satisfy the Town's current obligation for "certain <br /> parking spaces that are already designated as public" (ie. Clarke Public Beach). <br /> FUNDING/FISCAL IMPACT <br /> Restroom design/permitting/construction costs were not considered in the Shore Protection Board's <br /> recommended FY 2012 coastal budget or 10-year plan. The Town's General Coastal Fund does not <br /> have funding appropriated for the restroom. <br /> RW <br /> Attachments <br /> cc: Shore Protection Board <br /> James M. Bowser, P.E., Town Engineer <br /> Robert Weber, Coastal Coordinator <br /> Lynda Venne, Purchasing Agent <br /> 182 <br />