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MINUTES OF THE REGULAR TOWN COUNCIL MEETING HELD ON TUESDAY, APRIL 12,2011 <br /> 1 (DEP) waiver. The Town offered a two-for-one trade off using the surplus parking <br /> 2 at Mid-Town Beach,but DEP staff did not support the idea. Another idea discussed <br /> 3 was to extend the boundaries to capture more spaces. There was also discussion <br /> 4 about returning the money the Town received back to the state. This would null and <br /> 5 void the Clarke Avenue access needs. $600,000 would need to be returned to DEP; <br /> 6 additionally, the Town could lose $800,000 for the next beach nourishment project. <br /> 7 <br /> 8 The second option was bathrooms. A bathroom at Mid-Town Beach would qualify <br /> 9 it as a primary beach, and then the Clarke Avenue parking requirements would <br /> 10 disappear. After that meeting there was discussion amongst the residents about <br /> 11 paying for the potential bathroom with private funds. <br /> 12 <br /> 13 The next option was to add parking along South County Road. There were concerns <br /> 14 from both the residents and the Police Department that this would create further <br /> 15 bottlenecks in that area. <br /> 16 <br /> 17 South Ocean Boulevard was another option. It would be one-way from Barton <br /> 18 Avenue to Royal Palm Way. The consensus was that the parallel parking would go <br /> 19 on the eastern most side, which would impact the ocean front homeowners as they <br /> 20 are now. We would need a traffic study for this option. Another option was the <br /> 21 Barton Avenue beach access, which would allow for 13 spaces by widening the <br /> 22 pathway on the south side of Estee Lauder's property. That option was not met with <br /> 23 much approval. The last option was to spread the parking burden to Seaspray, <br /> 24 Seabreeze, Clark, and Barton. There was a question as to if Seaview would be <br /> 25 included in that group. Mayor Coniglio stated that it would not as it is just outside <br /> 26 the l/4 mile measurement. The question on shared parking remains as DEP requires <br /> 27 that a collective boundary of parking spaces be available. The counted parking <br /> 28 spaces cannot be scattered. <br /> 29 <br /> 30 Mayor Coniglio reported that beach badges were also discussed. They are not <br /> 31 prohibited by the state but are unenforceable east of the Erosion Control Line. The <br /> 32 only thing we can control is the lands they cross over. However, equal access must <br /> 33 be given. This means that it must be the same cost for residents and non-residents. <br /> 34 There were questions on who would have to pay, how it would be collected, and <br /> 35 how it would be enforced. <br /> 36 <br /> 37 Mayor Coniglio concluded her report by announcing that at the end of the meeting <br /> 38 there was a poll and first was to continue with the DEP waiver. Installing bathrooms <br /> 39 was the number one vote, with spreading the parking burden and the South County <br /> 40 Road options coming in second and third. She encouraged the Council to collect <br /> 41 more data and allow the community to weigh in at the May 10, 2011 Council <br /> 42 meeting. <br /> 43 <br /> 44 With regards to the bathrooms, several concerns were raised by the Council over <br /> 45 cost, security, criminal activity, sanitary and health conditions, maintenance, and <br /> 46 changing the nature of the beach. <br /> 04-12-11 TC Mtg./Page 9 of 17 <br /> 23 <br />