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1. Update Regarding Alternatives for Mid-Town Public Beach and <br /> Clarke Avenue Public Beach. <br /> TIME CERTAIN: 10:00 A.M. <br /> a. Clarke Avenue Parking Waiver from Florida Department of <br /> Environmental Protection(FDEP). [James Green, Esq.] <br /> ACTION: COUNCIL CONSENSUS WAS TO TAKE <br /> NO FURTHER ACTION AT THIS TIME. <br /> b. RESOLUTION NO. 50-11 A Resolution of the Town <br /> Council of the Town of Palm Beach, Palm Beach County, <br /> Florida,Awarding a Contract to Kimley-Horn and <br /> Associates, Inc., for Design Services in the Amount of <br /> $9,600 and Establishing a Design Budget of$11,000 for <br /> Establishing Parking on South County Road Between <br /> Clarke Avenue and Barton Avenue. <br /> [H. Paul Brazil, Director of Public Works] <br /> ACTION: NONE <br /> C. Mid-Town Restroom Alternative. <br /> [H. Paul Brazil, Director of Public Works] <br /> ACTION: COUNCIL APPROVED THE <br /> RE-ALLOCATION OF PUBLC BEACH PARKING <br /> SPACES AS FOLLOWS: 4 ON SEASPRAY AVE,4 <br /> ON SEABREEZE AVE,4 ON SEAVIEW AVE,4 ON <br /> THE 100 BLOCK OF CLARKE AVE, 5 ON THE 200 <br /> BLOCK OF CLARKE AVE,AND 4 ON BARTON <br /> AVE. THE PRECISE LOCATION OF THESE <br /> SPOTS WILL BE AT THE DISCRETION OF STAFF. <br /> THE TOWN WILL ALSO PROCEED WITH A <br /> BATHROOM STUDY, TO BE CONDUCTED AT <br /> PRIVATE EXPENSE AND TO INCLUDE <br /> MAINTENANCE THEREOF. THIS STUDY WILL <br /> INCLUDE THE OPTIONS OF BUILDING A NEW <br /> RESTROOM FACILITY AND OF CONVERTING <br /> THE EXISTING ONE. THE TOWN WILL GET A <br /> REFINED COST ESTIMATE FOR THE STUDY AND <br /> WILL OBTAIN THE FUNDING BEFORE <br /> PROCEEDING. <br /> THE TOWN MANAGER WILL PROVIDE THE <br /> COUNCIL WITH ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ON <br /> HOW MUCH THE TOWN WILL NEED TO PAY <br /> BACK TO THE STATE IF THE <br /> 4 <br /> May 10,2011,TC Actions <br />