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TOWN OF PALM BEACH <br />Information for Town Council Meeting on: December 12, 2017 <br />TO: <br />Mayor and Town Council <br />CC: <br />Underground Utilities Task Force <br />VIA: <br />Thomas G. Bradford, Town Manager <br />FROM: <br />Steven Stern, Underground Utilities Manager <br />RE: <br />Peer Review Final Document, Staff Comments <br />DATE: December 8, 2017 <br />STAFF RECOMMENDATION <br />Town staff recommends that Town Council accept the final Peer Review Document as a final <br />deliverable for the Peer Review Contract. <br />GENERAL INFORMATION <br />On page 44 of the Peer Review of Town -Wide Underground Utilities Master Plan in the Closing <br />Remarks, the opening paragraph states: "We applaud the Town and KHA design team on their <br />efforts to date. The Master Plan developed by KHA is very thorough, and the data and drawings <br />we received were invaluable to our review. Further, we appreciate the cooperation of all <br />stakeholders who participated in our consultations and proffered constructive feedback on the <br />project. Substantial, quality work has been performed to -date to bring this monumental effort to <br />fruition, and our Project Team appreciates the opportunity to be included in an effort to further <br />enhance the stellar work already being performed. " <br />Staff believes this statement validates the amount of work that has gone into the Town -Wide <br />Utilities Undergrounding Program over many years which has culminated in the Master Plan <br />and the initiation of the first phase of construction. The Peer Review makes several <br />recommendations that can improve on the progress that has been accomplished to date. The <br />Peer Review team identified four recommendations that they believe have the highest potential <br />to add value to the program. Below staff addresses each of these recommendations. <br />• Finding 1.3: Implement a Project Management Plan — Staff estimates that this effort <br />will take approximately 6 months to complete. The master plan has most of the <br />components of a project management plan which includes a schedule, project phases and <br />sequence, and cost estimate by total project and each phase. Staff, Consultants, and <br />Contractors each have their own software programs and procedures that they are following <br />to track both financial and schedule performance of the project. All of these efforts and <br />Town of Palm Beach policies and procedures could be memorialized into a master PMP <br />document to be used as a reference guide for future progression of the work. <br />